CDOP always think about career development espacially for thos people who don’t have any quality life.All our staff and member did extra ordinary efforts for the career development of middle and lower class people. CDOP staff, members volunteers are very much focus on skill development and constant career growth. Our Skill Development system works on basis of “people helping people” In this process our members & volunteer help other people in the shape of their time and services. Like professional account give some time to train fresh commerce graduate and for those people who want to become an accountant. In this process we continuously meeting with more and more professional peoples and encourage them how they can develop other people. Our members urge people to work as a volunteer for career growth and development of other people. In the process of continuous growth and development CDOP work with other institutes and offers many courses for career growth and development. CDOP offering following courses free of cost but all benefited people must have to teach others free of cost.

Advance Certified Information Technology (ACIT) Office Automation Graphic Designing Web Engineering Hardware Engineering Call Centre Training English Languages SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Teacher Development Courses Our system gives clean and clear message to all those people who want to take following courses. All above courses are absolutely free of cost but they have to teach others free of cost. Like learn free and then teach others free of cost. If anyone interested in above courses, please email us at