Patras Town is a Christian Society located in Karachi Pakistan. There is an urgent and important need for free school in Patras Town because children of these areas never go to any school and they are totally street children. Also surrounding areas of Patras town like kala board, baraf mor and khorapar shrouding there are Christian areas they never send their children to school they reason is very much simple they cannot afford because their parents also never go to any school and they have not good jobs, Mostly of them have big problems for food and clothes too. In these circumstances they are totally unable to send their children to any school. Their children will remain in streets whole day. There is more than 100 Christian poor and unaffordable families living in Patras town and some of families live around patras town.
CDOP is very much careful about our community next generation because in this way our next generation has dark future. Because when these children’s grow up they also live in poverty and they also cannot send their children to school.
CDOP trying to open up a proper formal academic school start from nursery to matric (A level) and give proper free education to theses children so that after getting education these children can get good white colour jobs and we want to bring great light of education prosper their life so that these children can get good life opportunities.