C.D.O.P welcome all those people who want to work with us in this great task,Our unity brings a great change. An organization which has been consistently engaged in development, learning, and development education, skill development, employment changing life status in the all areas of Pakistan. A Person who accepts our development program, human rights, environment, peace, changing life status want to become a part of our organization.
Members Duties
Knowing and understanding an organization purpose and mission statement, being able to explain what the NGO does and, what population it targets, being able to provide people with general information about the NGO programs and activities. Give Some time in front of computer for searching OR teaching OR proposal making OR Project writing OR job searching for unemployed people OR apply for jobs for (on behalf of) job seekers OR give new ideas and suggestions which will work more affectively in development program. Motivate other People; how they can help each other and urge them to remain unite. Inform Organization timely about latest issues, activities regarding our peoples life in your areas. Advising the executive director about the advantages of partnerships if you are knowledgeable about and/or part of another organization. Consulting with the executive director and keeping him/her updated on your tasks and activities.
Benefits of membership:
All members will; Receive the membership certificate with the signature of President of C.D.O.P. Our staff, members, volunteers will work for your betterment like in terms of education, skill development, seeking better employment, applying scholarships for Local/Abroad, other abroad opportunities. Receive Program materials & community status updates, for example, Latest news, program material. Be invited to contribute to the future direction of the program. Benefit from association and support from other network partners. Be eligible to give new ideas and suggestions about the program. Be eligible to give new program details which can improve Christian peoples life. Pastors and praying committee will pray continuously for all members prosperity and blessings. Have access to Program staff for advice and consultation as appropriate. Receive information regarding conferences, seminars, and grant and funding opportunities. Be eligible to lead & represent C.D.O.P work in your areas.