Majority of Christian community are illaterate and they are totally unable to give proper education to their childrens. Majority of Christian people send theri childrens to primary school but due to poverty they drop out their children from 3rd onward. Parents really want to give education to theri childresn but they are cannot afffro school fees, books and unifroms due to poverty.Instead of giving them proper education they start sending work place to their childrens so that with the help of their children they can fulfill their basic needs. Education neglected field and data shows all young generation is totally unable to get education and future of christian community is dark due to illetercy.

Formal School Karachi The CDOP Formal School was opened in Korangi targeting the underprivileged children of the community. Textbooks provided free of cost. Qualified teachers from the community teach the children. Members of CDOP keep searching those children who are not getting education they bring them to their formal school and studying in the morning and evening shifts in Karachi. A science laboratory also provides matric in science facility where no other science school is present.Educational materials such as books, literature reviews and educational magazines were provided.Our school provide free computor education. The volunteer team also provide computer education in evening shift those students and adult who want to learn computer education.